Our services fall into these categories:

  • Intermediation in technology transfer;
  • Services (Financial, Strategic, Legal, etc.), related to searching and finding technologies, know-how, IP (intellectual property), patents, and beneficial models;
  • Financing or investment mediation when realizing new and starting companies (start-ups);
  • Assistancein developing new teams and companies – management consulting;
  • Participation in the preparation and management of projects, programs, analyses and strategies – EU and others – that are related to innovations;
  • Other assistance and activities, related to innovations;
  • Creation and maintenance of information database with innovations.

Benefits with working with us:

  • Networks of contacts and potential partners;
  • Independent opinion and feedback about the potential of your innovation;
  • Possibilities for practical application;
  • Contribution in managing your innovations or start-up companies;
  • Overall management and structuring of your innovative organization;
  • Transfer of knowledge and business experience;
  • Creation of success potential;
  • Structuring and developing world-class organizations