• Project development and viability of SMEs, large companies, universities, clusters, NGOs and various administrative structures. Development of management capacity;
  • Achievement of the main goals set in the “green” and “blue” economy;
  • For circular economy;
  • Carrying out R&D activities;
  • Creation of mechanisms for transfer of knowledge and new technologies from scientific organizations, academic circles and technological units to science-intensive enterprises;
  • Implementation of digital and AI-based solutions and innovations in culture, creative industries, cultural heritage and cooperation, ecology, healthcare, medicine, education and manufacturing;
  • Evaluation of the eligibility of the applicant and the project idea;
  • Preparation of an application form and all accompanying documents;
  • Project management;
  • Development and implementation of educational programs;
  • Organizing and conducting various forms of training and qualification;
  • Development of sports and sports activities as an engine for innovation and excellence;
  • Promotion and exploitation of project results, good practices, working methods and dissemination of scientific knowledge;
  • Development of manuals, handbooks, printed information materials, newsletters on paper or online;
  • Organizing information and scientific events, conferences, seminars;

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