About us

Who we are?

The Institute for Technology Transfer and Innovations (ITTI) works toward the creation and the development of a national innovation infrastructure, the spreading of new knowledge, the stimulation of technological entrepreneurship, the transfer of knowledge and technologies and the market application of innovative products.
The activities of the Institute serve as a mechanism for the development and financing of research, development and application of innovations.
Critical focus in the work of the Institute is the development of cooperation between the business and the scientific community.
The Institute for Technology Transfer and Innovations (ITTI) has been established in December, 2013 in the city of Plovdiv, Bulgaria. ITTI is a non-governmental, non-profit organization, registered according to the Law for Judicial Entities with Non-profit Purposes. Its services fall into these categories:
• Intermediation in technology transfer;
• Services (Financial, Strategic, Legal, etc.), related to technology scouting- searching and finding technologies, know-how, IP (intellectual property), patents, and beneficial models;
• Financing or investment mediation when realizing new and starting companies (start-ups);
• Assistance in developing new teams and companies – management consulting;
• Participation in the preparation and management of projects, programs, analyses and strategies – EU and others – that are related to innovations;
• Other assistance and activities, related to innovations;
• Creation and maintenance of information database with innovations.

ITTI is operating as:
1. a consulting company that assists third parties- SMEs, institutes, clusters, UNIs, municipalities, NGOs, etc- in, in general, fundraising, in drawing up and managing their research, innovation, training or partnerships projects;
2. a direct beneficiary or a partner of third-parties of European measures under the Bulgarian national operational programmes or directly in EC.
The main focus of ITTI’s routine work is to support enterprises with business advisory services. The aim of ITTI is to become a solid business support organization whose mission is to help entrepreneurs, start-ups and innovative SMEs by supporting the growth of innovative ideas, business incubation and acceleration, internationalization solutions and involvement in international projects and networks. A special focus of it is the enhancement of the SMEs’ capacity through the implementation of actions related to education and training. The objective is to enable entrepreneurs to acquire the necessary skills/tools to boost their competitiveness, to grow towards other markets and introduce innovation in all phases of their business cycle. The services that the Institute has developed and offers to SMEs in order to fulfill its goals are:


We assist SMEs in optimizing access to Bulgarian National Operational Programmes, European Commission’s funding programmes, as well as to other programmes and instruments. We write project proposals (fully or partially), plus managing proposal by freeing the companies from the burden of demanding and time-consuming bureaucratic tasks. We are involved in all stages of the project bidding process: proposal writing, consortium building (if applicable), subcontractor identification, stakeholder outreach, proposal pre-evaluation & quality control, and final submission.


We can assist SMEs in all or most of the phases of the project implementation process, from preliminary approval of funding to complete reimbursement of all eligible project-related expenses. During project implementation, we perform the following assignments: developing a detailed project plan; drafting progress reports, meeting minutes, dissemination plans, commercialization &

 exploitation plans, and much more.



We provide best practice and training solutions for professionals working i

n a variety of areas (SMEs, policy-making, business administration, academia, industry, etc.) in both public and private sectors. Through trainings and workshops, we assist SMEs in accessing EU funds and help them deepen their knowledge of the European Commission’s funding requirements and criteria: all in all, to help them being well-prepared to develop a winning project proposal & manage properly administrative reports, project budget and time-sheets.


We conduct market feasibility studies which include overall information of prospective customers, the target markets (including sales history, current demands and expected future trends), structure of the customer base, market size and growth prospects.


Our networks and business links allow us to provide SMEs with several opportunities to get in touch with entities worldwide, both public and private, in order to foster exchange of business contacts and partnership creation. Our goal is not only to stimulate the creation of, but also to develop long-lasting business synergies.


Creating a niche for companies’ business is essential to success. Often, business owners can identify a niche based on their own market knowledge, but it can also be helpful to conduct a market survey with potential customers to uncover untapped needs.


We offer partnership to other organizations or consultancy firms specialized in regional/national funds in helping clients in accessing centralized EU funding programmes offered by the European Commission. Also, we offer outsourcing support to consulting companies, experienced in centralized EU funding programmes, but overloaded with projects.

The Institute proudly mentors and coaches aspiring entrepreneurs and start-up entrepreneurs. It strives energetically to work towards this direction. One of our primary goals is to affect this reality firmly and lead innovation through consulting. ITTI has the mission to support young entrepreneurs and aspiring ones to create their own jobs, to become self-employed without having the fear of failure but always keeping it into account.

For the last couple of years our team have given consultations to more than 250 SMEs, they have prepared more than 100 projects and more than 30 trainings throughout Bulgaria have been conducted. Our team prepared and applied with more than 30 projects for the national operation programmes or for the centralized funds managed by the EC. Presently, we are involved in the implementation of three Erasmus + KA 2 projects, three Erasmus + KA 1 mobilities for school students, one project supported by the Maritime and Fisheries Programme and one project funded by the Ministry of education and science for the development of STEM center.
The Institute has been entrusted by the Plovdiv Regional Administration to develop and/or implement innovation support programmes for regional SMEs and, as a consequence, is entitled as a regional innovation support agency.
ITTI has been approved and obtained a Quality Label in order to participate in European Solidarity Corps Programme.

BENEFITS in working with us
1. Networks of contacts and potential partners;
2. Independent opinion and feedback about the potential of your innovation;
3. Possibilities for practical application;
4. Contribution in managing your innovations or start-up companies;
5. Overall management and structuring of your innovative organization;
6. Transfer of knowledge and business experience;
7. Creation of success potential;
8. Structuring and developing world-class organizations.


Our team contributes for finding practical and working solutions and real application of innovative ideas in business. Its members possess rich international experience and network of contacts, which they use to implement our goals.
All members have close ties to a large pool of science experts in Bulgaria and around the world. We always aim at creating measurable benefits and holistic innovative solutions for our clients.