GET YES 2 – Global Exchange and Training for Youth Employment Service 2

The GET YES 2 project is running for 24 months and is implemented in a partnership of six countries – North Macedonia, Bulgaria, Venezuela, Turkey, the Philippines and Uganda.

   The Institute for Technological Transfer and Innovation from the Bulgarian side, will encourage cooperation, exchange and upgrading of good practices between the participants in its implementation, in order to create a favorable ground for the formation of entrepreneurial thinking and culture.They will work to build know-how and optimal training among the six partners to create new entrepreneurship trainers to support and prepare young people with successful ideas.Proof of quality is the standardization and networking between CEFE centers worldwide .

Project goals:

- Encouraging cooperation between all CEFE centers;
- Exchange of good practices;
- Creation of at least 5 standardized and certified training programs;
- Research of the entrepreneurial ecosystem and analyzing the needs for new knowledge of young people, as well as their unifying organizations;
- Building an online platform with useful materials and practices;
- Training of 24 new qualified and licensed by CEFE International coaches and the establishment of 3 entrepreneurship centers;
- Inclusion of at least 300 young people in the trainings;
- Involvement of at least 300 young people in the trainings;
- Promotion of the Erasmus + program;